Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hip Hop Over & Out

All good things must come to an end and the same goes for Love & Hip Hop. Last night's finale was somewhat uneventful, especially after the nail biting last couple of weeks. Chrissy is still rationalising the lackluster result to her proposal to Jim Jones. Jim obviously doesn't want to get married and thinks he has just the answer to quell his lady's looming nuptial plans. Jim writes Chrissy a song. It's actually a very sweet song, he seems to love her very much. After being together for six years or so, they're sure to have plenty of memories, good and bad and he raps about their life together beautifully. Jimmy invites Olivia to sing on the hook and voila! Wedding diverted. Jim takes Chrissy out for a romance filled date, (roses and hotel room included). But when he plays the song for her, Chrissy's reaction knocked all of us girls living in fantasy land right back down the the cold and unreliable earth. "He's written songs for me before", she shrugs. It reminded me of Faith and Biggie's characters in the movie "Notorious". Whenever Biggie was in trouble with his girl, he would beat box her name and make a little song and she would forgive him every time... except for the last time. Chrissy's not going to leave Jim any time soon, but his song, which would have melted any unknowing girl's heart, is not enough wool for Chrissy's eyes. She sees right through it. She wants to be a wife, and a mother, and she wants a five year plan. I just hope she can handle the fact that a ring sometimes really "doesn't mean a thing". Another ring-less girlfriend (or "stylist" depending on who's telling it) is Emily. After Fabolous stood her and their kids up for a family photo shoot and blamed it on the tv cameras, she still doesn't seem to get it. She keeps questioning their relationship, all the while having to chase down rumours of his infidelity and keep the foundation of a crumbling home together in her head. She says things like, "I shouldn't be mad because I know it's not true" and "When we're home together, we're so happy." And I don't know whether to feel sorry for her or just throw my hands up and tend to my own business. She just might be a lost cause. I'm sure the other girls profiled on the show see the pattern but choose not to come right out and say it. Olivia's still singing about being a jilted mistress in the ho hum tune, December. (Yawn). Meanwhile,  her manager confronts Somaya "Boss" Reece regarding comments she made about the singer on a controversial hip hop website. Somaya holds her own against the verbal assault, I'm sure she's been cursed out and called a bitch before. The whole thing was ridiculous and based on Olivia's manager's fear and paranoia. He declared during the "December" video shoot that he was paying for everything out of pocket because he "believes in Liv". So the idea that Somaya bad talking Olivia online was messing with his money came from a place of nerves and emotion. We last see Somaya packaging her mixed tape and making some speech about how she's going to take over the world (or something like that). Love & Hip Hop ends with Chrissy, Emily and Olivia at a slumber party, complete with pajamas and ponytails (and more make up and cleavage than a rap video). Chrissy plays her song for the girls and Emily can only wish Fab would do the same for her. The girls then raise their glasses and toast to.... that's right you guessed it -- love and hip hop. And thus the short lived series ends.

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