Monday, May 23, 2011

Mob Wives Back At It Again

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As we re-enter the world of Mob Wives, the center of attention seems to focus on Renee. Our "drama queen" takes the girls out for dinner to reconnect and have a few laughs.  I'm beginning to feel though that there is a separation forming.  It seems as if it's (in Renee's words) the "skinny bitches" versus Renee and Karen. I truly see an alliance forming; which I am almost certain will play out by the end of this season.  The other interesting part of this night out was the fact that Renee seemed to be having so much fun....but still focused on what her ex-husband would say. Why Renee??? Was he thinking of you when he started dating other women? I begin to wonder is this type of relationship a typical part of Mob culture or is it just a woman/man thing?  What would happen if you decided to start dating someone? After Renee goes to get the dry skin scraped off of her face, one thing I would say they wouldn't like is the procedure she had done! How is it beneficial when you have to walk around looking like someone or something carved your face up and left it bloody!!! I had mixed emotions about the procedure but then again to each his own...who am I too judge. I'm just saying I would never do it! She was truly brave for getting that done.  Other parts of the show that drew attention focused on the ongoing relationships between the ladies and their current or past significant others.  We saw, as I said before, Renee briefly focus on her ex-husband, Karen told her daughters father that she was going to start dating, Carla explained her relationship with her boyfriend and Drita made up with her husband.  As Drita and her husband made up the focus turns from their interactions to the fact that Karen is writing her book and it may include the infamous Lee! Wasn't it such a coincidence that as Drita wanted to address this with Karen, Karen wants to FINALLY tell Drita how she has felt about the backstabbing in the past. I mean, it's only about time. However, we may have also just seen editing at it's best again. I mean who truly knows when all of these conversations take place.  We just see what THEY want us to see. The conversation turns ugly as Drita warns against Karen writing about her husband in the book and Karen expresses her feelings in a not so nice manner. I could see the veins popping out of Drita's neck! She needs to be careful before her anger impacts her health!  This situation seems to draw a slight visible battle line between the ladies that may turn them (i.e. Renee and Karen vs. Drita and Carla) agaimst each other in real life! We see next week as the ladies have a sit down dinner once again. This time, however, there is no laughter and dancing.....only screams and punching! Can't wait to see how this one turns out!

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