Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Let The Playas Play

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Tonight the Real World was quiet and almost boring. The only interesting story line focused on the on and off again relationship between Heather and Dustin. While Mike looked for "love", Nany searched for her biological father and Naomi and Leroy spent time out of the spotlight. Heather spent time confusing Dustin and the RW viewers.  The roller coaster ride during the episode began when Heather was told of the "kiss"that took place in last weeks episode between Dustin and Cooke.  Not only was her reaction to the situation interesting, but so was the way in which she found out. Why did Cooke think she could trust Nany? I guess liquor doesn't enable rational thinking! How are you going to be upset that she told? She's NOT your friend! Even those that you call friends don't seem to keep your secrets. Heather addresses this with Dustin and Cooke in an argument that fizzles as soon as it starts. Why argue though Heather? I thought you didn't want him!  As the episode progressed, we saw her continue to move between being with Dustin versus not being with him. It seemed as though this every time she was seen with liquor, her next step was to be seen with Dustin. He seemed just as confused as the rest of us. As Dustin tries to express his concern and confusion, he seems to allow his ongoing feelings for Heather over power anything standing in the way. I feel as though he is playing with fire. Yes HE did not tell her about his past and YES he kissed Cooke, but how would that make Heather justified in her actions? You can't just walk around thinking that it's okay to play with peoples emotions! Leroy...yes once again LEROY keeps it real and makes a statement identifying the fact that Heather does in fact know exactly what she is doing. I know she may be confused but nothing stands in the way of her knowing that she is playing with someone else's emotions.  I can only hope that she realizes this and refrains from it in the future.  Next week the show gets kicked back into high gear as the roommates take a trip to Cancun, Mexico. This trip is not only going to include the sizzling heat but the inferno that we can call Mike and Dustin, as they go to war in Cancun!

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