Monday, May 9, 2011

Real World in Rewind

*tune in each week for more of pheleshia's Real World Rewind*

This week we get introduced to the drama that plagues not only the RW but the viral world! As the episode begins Adam spreads the news to Nany about Dustin's escapades in the past and how it has now become a part of the viral world.  Nany decides to keep the information to herself....well not totally too herself. As Nany informs Naomi of what she heard,  Heather hears the information about Dustin via email from her own mother. All I could think at this point was damn son....that's crazy!  Learning from my mother that this had happened would be unbelievable to me.  At this point  I begin to get frustrated, annoyed, sad and angry all at the same time! Let me say this though, none of these feelings are associated with the fact that Heather feels betrayed....she has every right to! Wouldn't you if you found  out by someone else that the one you were falling for kept a secret such as this one from you? You might even want to get a bit physical....and not in the intimate way. I know I would feel like whooping someone's a@$! Nevertheless,  I feel that there was an excess amount  of judgement being made on Dustin. In addition, I felt as though Heather made some wrong steps in addressing this situation. definitely, she, opened up to the wrong people. Only surface feelings should have been expressed to the roommates. How many of is tell others how we feel only to be crucified when we change our feelings later on? I kept thinking is anyone, especially Heather,  going to talk to him one-on-one instead of making him feel further ostracized? Then in walks in a person who decided to speak their mind.....good ole Leroy. Applause leaped from me as I witnessed Leroy pull Dustin aside to speak to him about what he had been hearing from OTHERS! I mean I didn't expect it to be Mike! In my opinion Mike's a hater...all Capitol letters.  He doesn't count because he has disliked Dustin from the beginning. On the other hand we observe Leroy giving positive advice and expressing that he is not here to judge; just continue to support Dustin. That's what I call being a mature adult. Dustin, Leaving the roommates to take some space, elicits a reaction from the roommates that I didn't expect. I was shocked as they began to identify their feelings of empathy for Dustin. However, still along with some anger for him not speaking up before, they express the fact that Dustin should go home. What for? Would you go home? Towards the end of the episode Leroy turns the other cheek and states to Mike that he would like Dustin to leave! WTF! Weren't you the one talking about not judging? Also would it be safe to say that everyone should go home? I mean does anyone really tell everything about themselves on the show? If you believe they do then you are just as naive as Dustin's roommates!  Eagerly awaiting the previews to next weeks episode I prepare myself for almost the same amount of judgement.  Tune in next week when Heather gets back at Dustin through actions with another roommate. In addition we see the reality that manifests itself as Naomi and Leroy stop being "real" with each other and show us that being irresponsible never pays.

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