Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kill 3 Birds With One Stone

Ding Dong! A couple different witches are dead. First and foremost I had to break out the champagne and the shot glasses when NeNe Leakes, Apprentice's big, bad bully and Star Jones' arch nemesis walked off the show, never to return. I had nothing to bad to say about it, only one thing good and that's GOOD-bye. NeNe did nothing but yell, demean her teammates and use her size to send off a very aggressive and inappropriate vibe. She claimed she left the show because Donald Trump seemed to be catering to Star Jones when he switched a couple players from one team to another. This is something that is routinely done at the half way mark of several reality competition shows. Celebrity Apprentice was down to the final five and although NeNe may feel that her abusive and abhorrent behaviour was good enough to keep us watching, Trump knew best by knowing that shaking up the teams is always good for drama and suspense. So NeNe jumps ship and I know she says she has good reason, but in the end she is a quitter and will go down in Apprentice history as such. That leaves the two teams as follows: Lil Jon, John Rich and Latoya Jackson on Backbone, and Marlee Matlin, Star Jones and Meatloaf on A.S.A.P. The celebs were given yet another fundraising task. They had to audition comics and then sell tickets to a comedy show. Whoever makes the most money wins. The men assumed (and rightfully so) that Latoya, with the use of her family's influence, would be able to rack in the big bucks and as project manager, her head was the only one on the chopping block when it was announced that Team Backbone lost the challenge. The obvious choice to go home was Latoya Jackson. She had the nerve to be on the phone with the Hiltons -- yes those Hiltons -- and only get $1,000 donation from them. Besides, she was the new kid on their block and just wasn't a strong enough player to stand a chance against the two Johns in the boardroom. The second task given was to promote On-Star's new product that is available to be purchased and installed in any vehicle. The teams had to create a commercial and naturally, put on a presentation for the company executives. Star took her usual seat behind the computer, Marlee was PM, but allowed Meatloaf to take creative control of the commercial which ended up leading to the team's demise. In a surprise twist however, their loss mostly weighed on the poor branding in the commerical, so the one thing that Star was known and heavily relied on for ultimately lead to her downfall and she was fired! So 3 go down in a 3 hour long show. The only ones left are Lil Jon and John Rich and Marlee and Meatloaf. Final four, baby. See you next week.

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