Monday, May 23, 2011

And the winner is...

Celebrity Apprentice is over, but not before the final show and live finale is complete. The final task of course was to design a 7Up can and create a marketing campaign for 7Up Retro. Marlee had to use a 70's theme, while Rich had to transport us to the 80's. I loved both of their final results. John Rich's can had a black and white zebra striped design, to replicate the skin tight printed leggings worn by many a hair band back in the day. Marlee's can was bright and bubbly, reminiscent of the disco era. It's nice to know that although there is only one winner, both cans will be produced and sold in stores. And that winner is,  (drum roll, please) Mr. John Rich! Congrats to him and Marlee as well. This was a record breaking season, as millions of dollars were raised for just John and Marlee's charities alone. It was a proud fight, carried out with dignity and hard work. It was nice to see all the past contestants join the final two in support of their efforts, it was disappointing though, to see NeNe Leakes and Star continue their combat, live in front of millions. I know Star tries her best to be professional and upstanding, but with NeNe barking up her tree, she lost her composure a little and it was unfortunate to see. So let the cat fight continue, on and off camera, and let us all join in congratulating the new Celebrity Apprentice, John Rich for a great game and an impressive win.

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