Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bitter Betrayal

Funny how the name of a baby created as the result of a marital affair is: love child. How romantic. For example, man cheats on wife, gets mistress pregnant, mistress gives birth to a bouncing baby "love child". Now you tell me, what does love got to do with that? When I first heard the news that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver were splitting up after 25 years, I questioned it. I wondered how two people could form and then remain in a union for a quarter of a century and then decide it just wasn't doable anymore. Less than a week later, after asking for respect and privacy, the pair have made statements regarding a love child. Apparently, the Terminator impregnated a member of the family's staff members, hid the child and took care of it financially for the last 10 years and all the while, Maria never knew a thing! I imagine this person as a housekeeper or personal secretary, someone who had free reign to Ms. Shriver's home and family, and mistook that free reign as a free pass to Ms. Shriver's husband as well. I'm disgusted by my visions of the Governator and his maid romping naked through the sprawling halls of the Schwarzenegger mansion while his wife is out on a fundraiser or cheering for one of their 4 kids at a soccer game. To slip up and make a mistake is human, but to cheat, lie and make babies is a choice each individual can choose or not choose to make. And we all know that once you lie, the only way to succeed by that lie is to continue the deception and make it your truth. Of course, we don't really know what was going on inside those people's real lives, or what the dynamic was behind their closed doors. And even if they all write tell-all bestseller books, we still won't know the whole truth. What I do know is reality can be faked, but the real world is real. You make a baby outside of my 15 year (at the time) marriage, tell me then, don't tell me now, when the kid is a pre-teen and I'm 10 years older. They say the truth hurts, if that is true, I wonder what a lie does. Oh yeah, it kills the spirit and destroys the soul. By lying and cheating and hiding the truth from his wife, Arnold took her rights to live in a self-made way. I pick the truth any day, give me a chance to decide the next 10 years of my life with a clean slate and an honest outlook.

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