Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lovers of Hip Hop Reunite

It's that time of the season when the series ends and the cast must meet again. Overly styled and severely made up, the women of Love and Hip Hop convened at a swanky New York venue. Angie Martinez, radio DJ and terrible reunion host, mediated the conversations which were popularly familiar. As the show only aired for 6 episodes, it wasn't hard to forget the most memorable moments and pinpointed drama segments since they only just happened more towards the end of the series. There was Fab's absence from the show and Emily's life; Jim Jones and his crew aggressively "approaching" Somaya's manager regarding some mess he was talking; Olivia's song, "December" (yawn), Rich Dollaz aggressively "approaching" Somaya regarding some mess she was talking, and of course, Chrissy's proposal to Jim Jones. Jim Jones' mother, Nancy, stole the show as she expressed her disdain for Chrissy's surprise. She made valid points in that, traditionally speaking, one should ask the parents' permission for requesting their mate's hand in marriage. But nothing about what Chrissy did was traditional anyway. She bought the ring, she popped the question, she disrespectfully screams at her future mother-in-law (and she's still unmarried and "living in sin"). Perhaps the most amusing event of the evening came when Angie asked Jimmy where his engagement ring was and he told a candid story about how he was at the gym and he never wears jewelry at the gym, he always takes it off and puts all his jewelry away in a safe place because he never wears it at the gym -- meanwhile if you were in the front row of that audience you'd need a pair of shades to hide your eyes from the bling bling blow of all Jim's ice. It looked to me as if he had on every piece of jewelry he owned EXCEPT the ring Chrissy gave him. And like my favorite Etta James tune from the movie "Cadillac Records", all Chrissy could do at that point was cry.Then there was Rich Dollaz, Olivia's manager. He must still be worried about his money because he's still feeling upset and irritable when it comes to Somaya. If your artist is busy and doing big thimgs, you shouldn't have time for that nonsense. The more exposure she gets, the greater the critique. You certainly can't expect to fight every non-fan and battle with everyone who feels they want to be critical of Olivia as a person and/or her work. That definitely was not a good look for Rich and his client. Olivia also made herself look poorly by going to toe-to-toe with Emily. We all know and see Emily's situation. Still, Olivia sees fit to call Emily out for being Fabolous' girlfriend when she's never seen the two of them together or has always seen "Fab" out with girls who are not Emily. I feel this doesn't compare to Olivia's silly little fantasy that she is dating a football player, who denies that they are involved at all. Emily argues that they are in the same boat, but I disagree. Emily's boat is much smaller and has a hole in it. Because there are children involved, it makes the situation that much more heavy. Lastly, of course, what would a good reunion be without a few people storming off the stage and Jim Jones' mother basically telling Olivia she is non-existent in her eyes. And with that -- the season is officially over, but never fear all you Love and Hip Hop heads, Angie announced there will be a season two.

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