Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rocker Shocker!

Hold your Harleys everybody, James Durbin was voted off of the American Idol Stage! So many thought he would win, including the judges themselves who, on more than one occasion, deemed Durbin THE winner. The message boards went wild, many proclaiming to "never watch this show again". They cried, they ranted, they were speechless, but still found the words to express their disappointment in America. Each week, as a favorite goes home, somewhere it is declared, that you, America -- got it wrong. And somewhere still, it is being announced that this will be the last season someone out there will ever watch American Idol. Ever! My simplistic take is that each week, someone must go. If they all stayed, there'd be no winner, now would there? I must admit, seeing, Lauren and Haley safe on one side, and James and Scotty in the bottom 2 on the other side, I thought for sure it would be James. He rocks the stage each week, he represents for those living with Tourette syndrome as well as the autistic children of America. He gives us several different angles and many reasons to vote for him. But I don't know how or why in that moment I could forget my theory on the popular country vote. There is much strength and influence in that genre, and I have always believed each week as Scotty stayed, that it was more the region and the culture that was keeping him on top, more so than the teenaged girls that most believe are responsible for the majority of the voting. So the final 3 is as follows; Haley, the bluesy, Janis Joplin-esque screecher, Lauren, the young potential power house, and Scotty the body, the blue eyed, Elvis fan who can sing it fast or sing it slow, but mostly we just like it when he sings it low.

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