Thursday, May 12, 2011

Knock, knock. Who's there? THE FEDS!

*Here is another one of pheleshia's weekly installments for the show Mob wives. Who's watching? Log in and join pheleshia's conversation!*

This week Mob Wives gives a starring role to some of the most influential people in America: the FBI and police! Yes fellow readers, there was an appearance by the authorities; which not only broke hearts but seemed to tear apart a family entity that was already hanging by a thread. The main focus of the show unfolds and reveals the stress of this situation played out in Renee's life.  To her surprise (I said HERS not MINE) her ex-husband and father to her only child is one among 127 people arrested in a high profile mafia sting.  As I watched this part of the episode, a piece of me felt sorry for her, while the other thought, why are you surprised?? Doesn't she know the saying  "you can't teach an old dog new tricks!" I'm trying not to sound judgmental, but it's difficult in this situation considering the fact that the show is about mob life... the past and present!  Does anyone understand where I'm coming from? You can feel free to tell me the truth.  While she is trying to piece together the facts of the arrest, the strangeness of her relationship with her son becomes much more evident than in past episodes. Their ongoing conflict is definitely something that could be a topic of conversation at a therapist case review meeting.  The interactions are strange! Am I the only person that feels this way? I can only hope that she addresses the relationship with her son during her therapy sessions. As the conflict over lack of support from her son ensues, Renee also begins to question her friendship with Carla and later Drita (they seemed to both take their sweet time going to her house to comfort/support her!). Shockingly she gets the support from a friend that she has considered to be quite the opposite! Karen decides, with her conscious in tow, to go and show her support to Renee. I was just as thrown off about this visit and show of support as Renee was when she opened the door and realized who was on the other side.  Nevertheless, Karen is as qualified as any other of Renee's friends to show up there (not that I felt anyone else was going to make an effort.).  Since the beginning of the show I have not seen her interact with anyone outside of her son, ex-husband and the other stars of the show. Where are her other friends? Better yet where is her sister... the one who pitched the show with her to VH1? They should be stuck together like glue seeing as though they are seen as traitors in their father's eyes!  I'm also beginning to consider the fact that maybe there was contact with her sister and it just wasn't a part if the show.  They can't show everything... not even the important things! As the episode comes to a close Renee finds herself disclosing to her therapist the fact that this "mob life" is no longer for her and has left her without an identity for years.  I'm proud of her being able to identify this... let's just see if she is able to begin doing anything about it by the end of the season.

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