Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nevermind, Don't Shoot...

Picture it: a "disturbed" man holds his family (a wife and two young sons) for hostage. The police are called and a stand off ensues. For about an hour and a half, the family suffered from what must have been the most horrifying moments of their lives, their husband and father shooting at the police and neighboring vehicles. He even shoots a cop in the shoulder. Surely this man must have had a death wish. Thankfully, the family was released and unfortunately for the hostage taker, he was shot and killed by a sniper. The story should begin and end there, but it does not. Just days after this incident, we learn that there was a lift on the shoot-to-kill orders once it was learned that the family was safe and out of the house. The sniper was unaware of this fact and took the shot within seconds of the new command. So a man is dead, and even though he did bad things, he didn't have to die. He could have been taken down in an alternative way and brought to justice in a courtroom instead of a casket.


  1. I agree. I don't ever believe this family thought when the cops were called their father and husband was going to be killed. I feel like drastic measures were taken but at the same time do I have a right to judge or comment? Were people fearful for their lives? He did shoot a cop in the shoulder, but I still feel they could have brought him to justice without death.

  2. Right. I understand that they had to shoot this man. He shot at the cops, and that's an offense many never get to walk away from. I just wish that maybe they could have taken him down instead of taking him out. :(