Friday, May 6, 2011

Seeing Is Believing (or is it?)

So everybody wants to see Osama bin Laden with a bullet in his head. Well, at least 56% of Americans according to a recent poll. The White House says the images are gruesome and could incite adverse reactions, but the people still demand to see "proof". The movement behind the want to see bin Laden with his brains blown out says that without that picture, no one will believe that he's really dead. The White House has shown us photos of blood soaked linens, they've given us video of the bloody aftermath, but America wants to see the body before, during and after. The proof will always and forever be in the pudding. But just like with Obama's birth certificate, not everyone will be satisfied once it is revealed. Just hours after our President was forced to prove that he was a citizen of this country, born in Hawai'i, as American as apple pie, they say; the "birthers" flooded the air waves. They argued that President Obama's social security number had been changed and that the document presented was not an official birth certificate, rather, a certificate of live birth... (take a moment to figure that one out and then let me know because I don't get it either.) Trump decided he would do a complete 180 and begin to question Obama's scholastic skills. He claimed he heard it through the grapevine that Obama had terrible grades and wanted to know how he got into the prestigious higher learning institutions that he attended. So you see, you show the picture and the conspiracy theorists will say it's photoshopped and that's not really Osama. They'll say he's still alive, like Tupac and Elvis. They want to see the body being dumped into the sea, but then they'll say it was a dummy, just a prop used by the government to dupe us once again, like they did at Roswell. It's a common human trait to question what we cannot see and then turn around and dispel any substantial validation. It's been rooted in us since the beginning. Just ask God himself... if he does indeed exist.

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