Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tired of Tamar

When viewing the Braxton Family Values show, it feels more like I'm watching "Tamar's World." And then it's just an endless hour of Tamar whining and saying, "Look at me! Look at me!" I don't understand why the editors of the show approve for Tamar to get so much face time while the other sisters' lives and storylines are held back and only given to us in the smallest of increments. We all know Toni Braxton was and still is in her own respects a major R&B superstar diva. we know that she's been ill with Lupus and has even suffered bankruptcy when she was unable to work and fell on financial hardship. Towanda is the "responsible one" who is Toni's personal assistant. She has two cute little kids and a non-chalant husband, but we never truly get to see Towanda for who she really is. Her character has only been shown as the one who tried to hold it all together. It's very superficial, and I would love to see and know more about the level headed sister who could be falling apart on the inside. We've seen Trina, who the show has labeled the "party girl". She seems to have a slight drinking problem, enough so that the sisters even held an intervention for her with the family therapist. She's also in a troubled marriage that I think she wants to save, but I'm not too sure. We get a glimpse of the effort to repair her marital troubles this week when she and her husband visit the therapist and discuss some issues. The segment doesn't last for long however, and the plot is never fully developed. It could be that Trina and her husband didn't want the cameras rolling for every little detail of their counseling session, but my point is, when it comes to the other sisters, this show gives us so little! I'm not even going to mention Traci too much, because the show certainly doesn't. Meanwhile there's Tamar, Tamar, Tamar. She wants to be a solo act. She wants to be a big star. She doesn't want to sing background for Toni. She wants so much to be the opposite of Toni, that she's willing to walk around damned near butt naked to prove that she's NOT her classy, more refined sibling. Tamar's husband, Vince, plays more of a fatherly role and has to quietly breathe through his wife's tantrums. I can somewhat see that he loves and appreciates her, but her constant nagging about a record deal and wanting to drop it like it's hot is gnawing and childish. At one point, he stops her in her tracks and asks her to sing for him. I was excited by this request, as we have actually never really heard Tamar sing. But she shrinks back at the idea of belting out a tune for her man and immediately turns the subject back to what she wants to whine and complain about. Oy. Tamar says she wants to be sexy and "drop it like it's hot", she probably said that about 10 times, but if she's going to drop anything it needs to be an album first.


  1. So tired of!!!

    The sad thing is that she is not going to learn about herself from the show because she thinks she is right. They all should get a special place in heaven dealing with her on a daily