Sunday, May 15, 2011

Last Play in the Park

When I first heard the news that a child had been killed in a hit and run at a local park that I myself used to frequent, my heart immediately broke for the family. I was enraged by the fact that someone could run someone over and run away, literally, exiting the vehicle and taking off on foot. A few hours later though, the 19 year old unlicensed driver turned himself in and then a few more details began to become available. The boy was only 3 years old and had been playing with dandelions in the grass. Blowing the seeds and watching them fly. His uncle was interviewed on the news and remorsefully admitted that the child was crossing the street to get to him when he was struck by a speeding car. Now, the car did stop, but according to the driver's lawyer, a hostile crowd began to approach causing the driver to be in fear for his life. Only 19, afraid and panicking, he did, very irresponsibly, leave the scene of the accident. And it was just that. An accident. It hurts my soul to know a baby is dead. Only 3 years old, he's barely even lived. But I have no choice but to ask why this boy was allowed to cross a street by himself -- even with an uncle waiting on the other side? Why didn't the uncle instead cross the street toward his nephew, being an adult and someone much more capable of completing the act safely? I don't understand. This was an accident. And the driver did turn himself in. He ran because he was afraid of the mob who was allegedly coming after him. And the proof of this mob was apparent the next day when the whole courtroom had to be cleared at his arraignment. Members of the 3 year old's family yelled and shouted, they called for justice. They were forced out of the courtroom and made to calm down. The driver's attorney can most certainly use this behaviour to demonstrate exactly what his client was facing after the little boy was run over. The father of the 3 year old made a statement that he would kill the driver if he ever catches him. There are always two sides to every story, this I know. I suppose the driver should be punished for operating without a license and possibly speeding through the park, if that is in fact what he was doing, but the real punishment here is a permanent one. These people will never see their precious baby again. The lessons to be learned will also live forever and hopefully will be the reason a mother holds her baby's hand a little tighter, and we all take a little time to look both ways before we judge or condemn anyone.

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  1. Oh wow this one had me a lil teary eyed. Just to know that this child could still be alive if someone on both sides did something different that day. I hope that the driver gets some type of punishment.