Monday, May 2, 2011

The Mob Ties That Bind

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The second episode of Mob Wives takes us back to the ending of the first, when all hell was breaking loose at Carla's birthday party! We saw in a sneak peek, Drita's expression of anger towards Renee, through strangulation, we then witness the art of editing at it's best! Oh, how they tricked us into believing that it was Drita putting her hand around Renee's neck......shame on them! I have to give credit where credit is due though, the editing is what got most if us, including me, to tune in for the episode!  As the argument fizzled we moved on to exploring other relationships among the wives. The interaction between Renee and her ex-husband seems to mimic that of relationships we observe on a daily basis. I define it as two people co-parenting....the only difference is that the Mob is a part of their lives. I am just a bit concerned about the relationship between Renee and her son. Their interactions, quite truthfully, seem strange!  She seems to depend on him more than he can depend on her! Therapy needed? (#imjustsayin') Next we see the impact of being married to the mob life.  Drita and her husband, who is incarcerated, spend time in this episode arguing via telephone. I empathize with Drita's anger....she just wants her husband home! I would feel the same way especially if I kept being given different dates of my husband return.  As she continues to battle it out with her husband, she finds comforts in the relationships with  the other ladies....minus Renee (I can't wait to see how their relationship gets back on track!)  One of the most interesting relationships for me right now, minus Renee and Karen, is the "friendship" between Drita and Karen. Now you might be saying why did I say "friendship" as if it may not be real.  Well, I believe it's not to some extent!  How many of us have come to realize that while Drita is saying she is so happy about her relationship with Karen, and being able to discuss her issues with her husband, Karen is behind the scenes saying that Drita and her need to talk. She feels Drita was wrong for dating her previous boyfriend and then marrying him.  All the while never leaving out the part that Karen and Drita's husband were dating and living together for seven years! My vote is that they are NOT really that close.  We will have to wait and see what happens.  While all of this took place, Carla kept to herself for the majority of this episode. I don't blame her because we all have our own drama that we deal with so why get involved I'm others?  As we prepare for next week, we see that the FED's make a first appearance and shake up the story line! Or is this what they want us to think? Will editing play another role in the upcoming week? We will just have to wait and see. Until next my lovely Mob fanatics!

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